Ramzi Abed’s Burnt Hands GoFundMe

“I Fought It”

by Reviewer Rob

Ramzi Abed, aka Brock Doom, is a film maker friend of ours in West Hollywood [In a Spiral State (2009), The Devil’s Muse (2007) and Clay Fields (2003)] who had a pretty bad run-in with an apartment electrical fire in his home recently.

WARNING: the graphic pictures of his serious injuries are HERE, HERE, and HERE. But DO NOT click to see them if you’re eating.

Ramzi said he was hanging out at home when he heard “a pop and then a whoosh,” in the closet where the electrical fuses are. Once he opened the door he grabbed a plastic trash can where the majority of the fire was enveloped and ran out the front door with it. “I fought it,” he said by way of explaining how his injuries occurred, and as the melting plastic covered the skin of his hands he threw the trash can outside onto bare concrete where nothing more could burn. But by then the damage was done. He thinks the melted plastic was combined with electrical burns since there was current running through the fire, he says. From the looks of his hands it could have been a nuclear blast. He then spent the next several weeks “essentially homeless” and has only recently been allowed back into his apartment since it’s been repaired. But the road to full recovery is going to be long and he needs help.

Please donate to his GoFundMe page towards his recovery and let’s get him back making those erotic-surrealist movies instead of living a horror-surrealist life. Click HERE or on the pic below to donate.

Ramzi Abed, aka Brock Doom, GoFundMe for recovery link photo.
Ramzi Abed, aka Brock Doom, GoFundMe for recovery link photo.

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