shipping review: Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3 by Zak Ravalcaba

HTML5 and CSS3 by Zak Ruvalcaba.
HTML5 and CSS3 by Zak Ruvalcaba.
[Shipping Review]

Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3
by Zak Ravalcaba and Anne Boehm is a no-show

“Claim submitted; Eligible for an Gift Card”

by Reviewer Rob

The damn HTML5 textbook by San Diego digital science instructor/author Zak I ordered early in July has not arrived yet. It seems the seller, someone called “clubeck,” chose the cheapest way to ship possible, via the USPS, and it’s waiting in some New Jersey postal warehouse gathering dust.

Today is August 30th. From the Amazon order:

Shipment #1: Ordered from clbubeck
Shipping estimate: July 10, 2014 – July 11, 2014
Delivery estimate: July 16, 2014 – July 31, 2014
1 package via USPS

In Transit
Expected delivery: Thursday, July 31, 2014, by 8:00pm
Your package arrived at the carrier facility (Updated 0 minute(s) ago)

Tracking Details:
July 11, 2014, 2:10 am, Pennsville NJ US Package arrived at a carrier facility

July 11, 2014 , 10:10 pm
Departed USPS Facility
Your item departed our USPS facility in JERSEY CITY, NJ 07097 on July 11, 2014 at 10:10 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

I wanted to buy this textbook for a class in HTML5 at the San Diego Continuing Education center (SDCE) where I was hoping to get some training on video coding for work. No such luck! One part of one night’s class touched on video coding but it was nothing compared to what was needed. Zak Ruvalcaba, the instructor and reputed author of this book, appears to know his subject matter but he totally sucks as an instructor. He’ll quickly dump out a block of information, give the in-class assignment and then look down at his lap for 20 minutes and text on his phone while everyone tries to tackle the new process. If somemone has a question he’ll give some snarky punk-ass reply like “well you did something wrong, haha” and then not answer the question. The guy could fucking care less about teaching his class. What he really seems to enjoy talking about himself, that and of course making mildly rude and vaguely threatening comments toward any male class member that appears to challenge his teaching style or jokingly insult women who are easily intimidated.

Oh, and he also likes to brag about his boat he takes on vacations that’s at his house in Temecula, or his daughter’s recent school election win, or his other teaching jobs in San Diego County like at Mira Costa College,, or his current freelance webdesign clients or his previous experience as a full time code slinger ten years ago. Don’t forget he also likes to text on his phone for extended periods while in front of the class, too. He really likes that a lot. But not getting his students to really grasp the functions of web design, he doesn’t seem to be too into that at all. Who knows how long this teaching gig will last and even if it does some of his students might be his competition in the web design field out there. So why try and teach them too hard! Because then, unless he was born a rich kid, maybe Zak Ravalcaba won’t be able to afford his fucking boat.

One of his best jokes, one that appears recurring like his running bit/routine about the movie WAR GAMES is his smarmy comment about students getting what they pay for which if I recall he was referring to the price difference between his class at SDCE and taking a similar course at UCSD where tuition is required. All it costs a person to take his class at this continuing adult education re-training facility is their precious time away from work, friends, family or rest. So, big deal? Oh and it also costs California’s tax payers because he’s taking a job that could go to someone else. But hey, that’s punk rock, tattooed dude.

Then because I took the several weeks to sit through the course, and he’s someone who seems to have this salaried job as a teacher paid for with our taxes, I wanted to at least see if his book was any help, and he’s constantly pushing his book like a shameful shill to his students, repeatedly saying he’ll give out an A to anyone who buys it. But then I go on Amazon, buy it used (Ruvalcaba crowed about how cheap it was used online), and of course it DOES NOT SHOW UP, EVER!!! It’s not late. It’s just vanished.

That’s so perfect. Of course.

A curse be on all of these assholes.

Claim # 1
Date Filed: August 30, 2014
Claim Status: Claim submitted; Eligible for an Gift Card
Claim Reason: I did not receive my order items > Did not receive full order or some parts of order
Claim Items: 1 of Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3
Delivery Details: USPS xxx July 10, 2014
Additional Information:
This is a textbook for a class I was taking and it was paid for over a month and a half ago. It never arrived. I first contacted the seller about this two weeks ago and they have delayed refunding me my money and I have stopped hearing from them at all. I need my money back now. 07/14/2014 Debit Card Transaction AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS AMZN.COM/BILL WA 07/11 $31.99