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Interview with Antiseptic Fashion’s Billy Vahan

[Haute Couture]

Billy Vahan of AntisepticFashion

A Quick Reviewer High Fashion Interview

AntisepticFashion on Etsy

Reviewer Rob
… When did you dress Rihanna and Christina Aguilera? Was it for the Grammys party or something like that?

Billy Antiseptic
BET I believe, afterparty and Xtina I have no idea, as it was via NYC, they lost one spat though, haha … !

Reviewer Rob
Describe your pieces. Is your merchandise club wear, fetish, high-end fantasy party wear? Is it simply for use on photo shoots? What is its purpose?

Billy Antiseptic
I consider my work to be Avant Garde, High Fashion meets Streamlined Fetish Alternative. I cater to musicians, performers, celebrities, lifestyle fetish people, etcetera… basically anybody that would need their outfit to pop on a red carpet, or stand out at an event or shoot. My clothing ranges from comfortable/flashy accessories to extremely restrictive you-don’t-look-fabulous-unless-it-hurts style.

Reviewer Rob
What is the price range and where can an “average” person pick up one of your pieces?

Billy Antiseptic
They are only available through my Etsy shop currently, Prices range from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars for a hand made, hand dyed, custom one of a kind piece.


Below: Antiseptic leather neck piece sold on his Etsy. More pics will be uploaded here soon. For now visit his Etsy store.


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