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Art Around Adams Street Fair

Brian Generik
Brian Generik, from his Facebook

a quick review, by Jessica Johnson

Every year Adams Avenue is transformed into a low-key street festival and art walk that goes on for multiple blocks. It’s enjoyable watching this event and the community’s support for it grow each year.

Through this family-friendly event we are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while becoming better acquainted with the street’s shops. Being spoiled with free music from talented musicians and artists of all mediums on every block adds to the wonderful ambiance of this day.

It was fun watching the car wash across from the post office be turned into a stage with vocals booming from groups like the psychedelic hip hop duo Generik and Anek of LNC. An ironic “No Loud Music” sign was posted behind as well as a giant robotic giraffe designed to move and interact with the crowd. The gas station a block down staged big hitters Burning of Rome, whom will soon begin touring for the next month and a half through the mid-west.

Art Around Adams is a great opportunity to interact and network with some of San Diego’s most hard-working artists and see their crafts up close. Through live-art and music, exhibitions, dance, culture and food I cannot think of a more pleasurable way to spend the afternoon.

From the About Us at

Art Around Adams began with Normal Heights’ artists and business owners getting together at a local coffee house to create an event that would focus on the exhibition of local art in business storefronts. They realized that there were a number of art studios (comprised of very talented and internationally known artists), a framing shop, coffee houses, antique stores, and gift shops within walking distance that would make great venue for displaying art. With this realization, Art Around Adams was born.

On April 3, 2004, with a limited budget from businesses and artists, Art Around Adams was launched. The first event was considered a major success, with audience estimates at over 300. Over time a trolley was added to provide free transportation along the Avenue, an event staple to this day. Since it’s incarnation it evolved into the much loved “Comedy Trolley,” entertaining guests up & down the avenue.

Art Around Adams website masthead
Art Around Adams website masthead.

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