dvd review: NERDY GIRLS by Mister E



from Mr.E, Mongolian Barbeque,

directed by Ramzi Abed, starring
Sybil Hawthorne, Sophia Jade, Mary Jane

DVD review by Polly Amiry

It’s enlightening to see Ramzi Abed, under his erotic nom de guerre Mr. E, branching out as expected into soft core erotica. It’s mild porn, to be sure, yet it’s of a sufficiently experimental nature to be called an art project. No dialogue, that I could notice, other than the occasional voice intonation in the soundtrack. Nerdy Girls is currently billed on Abed’s very NSFW Tumblr blog by him thusly: “It is an erotic mystery.” Mr. E, “erotic mystery,” get it? OK. This is a far stretch from Abed’s first feature-length film, Devil’s Muse, that dealt with the Elizabeth Short/Black Dahlia murder of the 20th century. That was a movie about an actress named Lisa Small (Kristen Kerr) in a film about the murder of Short, and the tagline is “Hollywood murders women.” From there Abed has directed a few other features along the lines of modern borderline mainstream sexploitation. This is fine. Abed has said that it’s really “about sex.” So sex it is. But this movie is a drug fueled trip into his psyche that objectifies women in the extreme as they float about his livingroom and bedroom, silently touching themselves in various states of undress while that ethereal music works is ambient magic. The whole theme of girls as nerds being secretly sexual goddesses and turning on the eroticism behind closed doors is a powerful one here. Abed’s special star of the video is Sophia Jade, and she looks the part of a dorm room nerd girl fresh out of the library with thick, black-rimmed glasses. But like that nerdy girl you knew back on the block when you were in high school she can also quickly show you she’s much more woman than nerd once behind closed doors and given the chance to explore that side of her personality. Isn’t that the whole attraction to the fetish? That the nerdy girl is a undiscovered gem for the guy who may not have the time, inclination or self-confidence to go after the popular hottie who is goung to end up on the arm of the varsity football hero? She may be a slightly awkward nerd but she’s sexy with her clothes off and she’s yours right now (mu-ah-ha). In a nod to the recent wave of hipster retro-trendiness, Abed includes a 2D and a 3D version of the film on this DVD, as well as the requisite 3D cardboard-and-plastic glasses. There’s also a bonus scene (haha, I’m so punny) and a very polished and tripped-out (trip wave?) music video. Nerdy Girls is a very smart and well produced released yet one that retains an underground porny DIY ethos. Find out more on Abed’s NSFW Tumblr profile, if you dare, at www.mrexxx.tumblr.com/NERDYGIRLS.

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