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Maria Muse

Remembering The Other She That She Used To Be

An Informal Facebook Interview

Maria Muse, early 20's, passport photo...

Maria Muse, early 20’s, passport photo…

Maria’s Facebook photo caption, 3-28-13: “My old passport picture. They were going to make me keep this because I had too many retakes. I told them that I would never get out of Amsterdam like this. :)”

[Editor’s note: This was copied from my Facebook so the ones that have “Unlike” on them are comments that I “liked.” ~Reviewer Rob]


Reviewer Rob Amsterdam … ? Are you Dutch? I thought you were Greek.
Thursday at 10:37pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse No, not Dutch, but I was headed there with this dubious passport pic. I look high!
Thursday at 10:38pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Ha ha.
Thursday at 10:39pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse And I was wearing an off the shoulder ripped up skateboard (Zorlac) sweater. Just a mess. Early 20s.
Thursday at 10:40pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Yeah, looks fuckin hot too.
Thursday at 10:40pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse sweaty?
Thursday at 10:41pm · Like

Maria Muse probably…it was summer. and i never wore deodorant.
Thursday at 10:41pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Ok, sweaty too. But sexy hot. Smelly as well???
Thursday at 10:42pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse OH! Haha! Thanks..
Thursday at 10:43pm · Like

Reviewer Rob No one has b.o. until they turn 25.
Thursday at 10:43pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse Not very smelly…just balmy. My hair is always shiny, I just don’t do deodorant.
Thursday at 10:44pm · Like

Reviewer Rob I am in that club too.
Thursday at 10:45pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse I was younger than 25, so I was just a dewy little tomboy with nice hair. That usually didn’t smell.
Thursday at 10:48pm · Edited · Unlike · 1

Reviewer Rob You really know how to arouse a guy, Maria, don’t you?
Thursday at 10:49pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse I’m holding back. ha. (I am not for everyone, that’s for sure)
Thursday at 10:50pm · Like

Reviewer Rob That imagery is compelling. You must really be impressive when you’re NOT holding back…
Thursday at 10:52pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse Rob I listened to Rush. How’s that for sexy. I had more cuts and bruises than most dudes. I was sarcastic and obnoxious. I didn’t shave my underarms. But damn I had good skin and hair!
Thursday at 10:55pm · Like

Maria Muse Actually I was more Dead Kennedy’s than anything, but the Rush sort of illustrates my non girl-ness.
Thursday at 10:57pm · Edited · Like

Reviewer Rob Tom Sawyer? That shit kicked ass!
Thursday at 10:57pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse Permanent Waves….Entre Nous
Thursday at 10:58pm · Unlike · 1

Reviewer Rob Hey, tomboys have always been where it’s at. The long shiny hair was a perfect camouflage.
Thursday at 10:59pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse I loved most of Rush. I was blaring it in my daughter’s room the other day until she told me to stop and leave.
Thursday at 10:59pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Haha
Thursday at 10:59pm via mobile · Like

Reviewer Rob That’s the best.
Thursday at 10:59pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse She says I am “Not Princess.”
Thursday at 11:00pm · Unlike · 1

Maria Muse I am not. Sigh…
Thursday at 11:00pm · Unlike · 1


Maria’s Facebook says she is from Manhattan, lives in Los Angeles and works in communications.

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