New Voices, Alternative Words: 7/15/12

Reported by Katherine Sweetman

Alternative Author, Jason Stoneking, Comes to San Diego I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A SHOE STRING Book Tour @ Periscope Project: July 15, 7pm

Intimate, provocative, funny and confrontational, Jason Stoneking aims to shake us out of complacency by scavenging his own dark, uncomfortable corners for the things that we all share but rarely say. Straddling the minefields between memoir, pop-journalism and philosophy, he is harvesting his inner demons and serving them up banquet-style for anyone that’s hungry. Stoneking will be touring a wide assortment of venues throughout the United States this July, landing in San Diego July 15th at Periscope Project downtown, and reading from his new collection of essays, Audience of Twelve.

In Jason Stoneking’s last book, Audience of One, he explored the freedoms and constraints of imposed subject matter by writing a group of essays in response to titles supplied by artist Markus Hansen. In this follow up, he has invited a dozen of his friends, lovers, colleagues and cohorts to pose him new challenges. These twelve audience members were each asked to submit five titles, for Jason to address as he saw fit, and then to respond to what Jason had written. Will being pulled in all these directions stretch the author into new territories? Or will it only serve to tear him apart? Presented here are the sixty essays that resulted from the process with chapter introductions by the title givers.

Periscope Project

300 15th Street San Diego, CA 92101

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