CD review: Only One Man from from Marlon Dane

Only One Man Can, Marlon Dane CD Review by My Nguyen San Diego R&B sensation—Marlon Dane—has been garnering a lot of buzz lately. His full-length debut album Only One Man Can is filled with energetic beats and catchy harmonies that are sung with a sensuality that could only be rivaled by the best in the industry. Like a true artist, […]

show review: Black Crowes at the Fillmore, 12/12/10

Music to Fall in Love To Black Crowes at the Fillmore December 12, 2010 By Jessica Wright How to Nail a First Date (Well not Literally) Blind dates, eww. I try to avoid them like interest charges on my credit card. The fact is I simply don’t invest in the idea that you have to pretend intimacy with a stranger […]

new music: Wil Forbis and the Gentleman Scoundrels

Wil Forbis and the Gentleman Scoundrels Shadey’s Jukebox CD review by My Nguyen Rarely is an artist’s bio as colorful and full of gauche as the storyline to one of his songs. In the case of Wil Forbis and his electric Gentlemen Scoundrels, their album Shadey’s Jukebox is a positive affirmation that it is quite possible for life to imitate […]

music review: Let It All Go, from Christine Ashley

Christina Ashley, Let It All Go CD review by My Nguyen Is less usually more? In the case of Christina Ashley’s album Let It All Go which will be released this February, her delicate and sweet vocals show resilience through a tough time in her life. As if it isn’t though enough being a teenage singer-songwriter, Christina Ashley’s home and […]