Christina Ashley, Let It All Go

CD review by My Nguyen

Is less usually more? In the case of Christina Ashley’s album Let It All Go which will be released this February, her delicate and sweet vocals show resilience through a tough time in her life. As if it isn’t though enough being a teenage singer-songwriter, Christina Ashley’s home and possessions were destroyed in a house fire a few years ago and only being in the studio could help her through this crisis. Now Christina Ashley just needs to get through the over-produced tracks off her album to get to the often times melancholy and sweet vocals seen in glimpses throughout the CD. Christina Ashley’s sophisticated style and talent is perhaps best showcased in her personal songs—songs she had either helped write or performed herself. The young artist’s spare vocals alone on piano is perhaps the most effective in this case. The album-titled closer “Let It All Go” is above all the most intimate song off the 17-track disc. With surprising range and emotion that wasn’t seen until we get to this last track, perhaps this answers our question: less is probably more.

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