new music: Lili Roquelin

CD review: Lili Roquelin By My Nguyen Lili Roquelin asks on her album cover, “Will you hate the rest of the world or will you renew your life?” The title to her latest work, the question alone evokes a bewildering aura. Carrying many roles, singer-songwriter-producer Lili Roquelin definitely bequeaths your attention. As Roquelin sings about transcendence and change, she begins […]

San Diego Music. Still Going Strong.

When it comes to the sports teams in town, San Diego may (or may not) have an inferiority complex. I realize I just pissed off a few die hard Padre and Charger fans out there with that statement, but I’m sure they’ll get over it because they always do. I don’t find the inferiority complex thing to be true for […]

new music review: I Blame You

“Xtra Compressed for Maximum Listener Fatigue” CD review by Mookie Why did Rick Froberg leave San Diego for Brooklyn? It couldn’t have been the weather. Froberg has been a veteran of the San Diego music scene and a fixture here for quite some time, playing in bands like Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu and Hotsnakes. Now he’s teamed up with three […]

Art Photography: Flagellation & Spanking

Spanking As Art Alva Bernadine Brings It Up A Notch [From] English photographer Alva Bernadine creates art that is erotic, surreal, disturbing, provocative….and humorous. Clearly a fan of Guy Bourdin, stag reels of the 1950’s and vintage French postcards, Bernadine seems to have his tongue firmly planted in both cheeks. “After being inspired by the famous freeze frame photographs […]