movie review: AVATAR


(James Cameron, USA 2009)

review by Tash Jones

Following the commotion of this release, it was almost impossible to go in without a fixed Judgement. If you’re a fan of anything James Cameron has worked on, most notably The Terminator and Titanic then you are more than likely to have high expectations, as a fan of all that I’ve seen of his work, I was no different.

3 hours, 3D, it had to be good, surely?

After the film had finished, I left fully satisfied. The effects are used only for the purpose of the film, the fight scenes were done wonderfully (which is usually the part of the film which over exaggerates). You were sympathising with the same person twice, and though it seemed to bare similarities with The Matrix, I do feel it managed stand on it’s own two feet and portray some originality.

It’s a beautiful story, based on the act of accidentally falling for your enemy, (i.e. Jake and Neytiri), put together with some superb slow motion effects and keeping both males (who are eager for the action scenes) and females (who are sympathetic for their feelings, and the love scenes). I’m generalizing here however this film seems to appeal to all, 2D or 3D I recommend everyone who misses it in the cinema buy it when it’s available on DVD/ Blue-Ray, it’s up in my top 5 films of 2009!

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