The Hagerstown Debacle

The Nazi-like hatred of the right wing against Healthcare For All gains the momentum of a Brownshirt movement

“people rallied outside before the meeting”

[I saw the video of this meeting on C-SPAN last night, on Tuesday, 8-11, which said the meeting took place on Monday. The religious fervor of the anti-healthcare-for-all protesters remarkable. It was alike a religious thing, the way they adamantly opposed it without hesitation. The most vehement antagonists of healthcare-for-all, who spoke during the after presentation Q&A microphone session, were a couple of that brought up the issue of whether “illegal aliens” would be included in the program. They were cheered by the angry mob. Senator Cardin assured them that there was no provision in the bill to allow illegal aliens free healthcare. ~Editor]

HAGERSTOWN – Critics and proponents of health care reform have turned out for Sen. Ben Cardin’s town hall in Hagerstown.

Text from the Baltimore Sun’s website HERE.

People lined up outside the Hagerstown Community College theater before the meeting with the Maryland Democrat. After the 440-seat auditorium was filled, campus security chief Henry Gautney estimated about 500 people were left outside.

Cardin calls the level of interest in the topic “remarkable.”

As people rallied outside before the meeting, they carried signs, mostly opposing efforts by congressional Democrats and Democratic President Barack Obama to establish a federal government role in guaranteeing health insurance for all.

Cardin says there have been efforts to mislead the public about the plan, and those efforts don’t help the debate.

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