Make it a Double

Mower Review

By Vladimir Bloom

Upon first listen, Mower, a San Diego based semi-gansta/punk heavy metal band, hearken back to a time in music when bands like the Kottonmouth Kings, Suicidal Tendencies or Biohazard ruled the video-airwaves and movie soundtrack world. Almost every song has some brand of cheap pop culture reference that reminds you that you’re staying in the shallow end of the pool for this one. Drugs, partying and religion would be the primary themes explored, but don’t worry – they’re not going to get clever, they are going to get angry and drive that point home the way only a fourteen year old boy could appreciate.

Musically the band is tremendous. The drumming of Jesse Tate is “world class”, playing in a style very close to that of Vinnie Paul from Pantera. Drummers will not be disappointed with his skills or the tonal quality of his drums on the recordings. Bassist Chris McCredie delivers spot on low end that lays nice and tight inside those fiery drum grooves while guitarist Greg Russell does a fantastic job riffing it up and adding layered guitars in just the right places too help give the songs a bit of sonic depth. The primary area of concern with Mower is the singers Brian Sheerin and Dominic Moscatello. They both technically sing fine, one in cookie monster voice the other not, the real problem here are the lyrics. There are far to many generic phrases and never a sense that any real thought went into what they wanted to say. Where’s their heart and soul? Are they just angry?

If you enjoy reading books you probably won’t like this band due to the shallow, topical nature of the lyrics, but if you plan on chugging beer with whiskey chasers until five a.m., then this is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend “free for all”. Beware, however, I cannot stress enough how much your speakers will hate you in the morning.

Mower has their image, sound and shtick nailed. I believe they are about to get their chance at the big time but wonder why. Is there a reason for me to be emotionally attached to the band? To be a long time fan? To tell all my friends that “they must hear ’em”??? If you are interested in your music having a deep or soulful meaning than I think its safe too say that you probably will not like Mower but if you like simple, loud, hard and fast then Mower are just the guys to make your blood race.

[Look for Mower’s new CD, Make it a Double, on Suburban Noize Records. ~Editor]

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