San Diego BAD FOOD review: Brick Alley

“Would you like a side order of
Hershey Squirts with that awful chicken?”

Brick Alley
3577 Midway Drive

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* Bad food alert! Lookout for the “1-Quarter Chicken” dinner at Brick Alley, 3577 Midway Drive, SD 92110. Undercooked or spoilt, still unsure. 2 hours ago

by Rob Reviewer

Still don’t feel too good. Bleagh! Just look at this shit. I think they had it listed on the menu as “Lemon Grilled Chicken” or some sort of lemony chicken dish. I wish they would have warned me that it would have been covered with this crappy bar-b-que sauce or whatever it is. I would have stuck with ordering just the underdone garlic bread sticks. You can click the BlackBerry pic below for the larger shot. The glass is hot tea I ordered (listed as ice tea on the receipt) because I didn’t want to have a beer and didn’t feel like coffee with dinner. It just looks like a beer because I guess they didn’t have any coffee or teacups… The chicken I should have avoided is barely recognizable under the goo at left. On the right in a small salad dish is some tomatoey pasta sauce with underdone “garlic” bread sticks behind it. I’m adding quotation marks because that’s what my server said they were. I ate those first because I was pretty hungry, and at least they were warm, I can give ’em that, but there was little garlic on these warmed up rolls of dough. To their credit they didn’t screw up the salad. Bravo on that.

I think the dudes at the joint knew there was something wrong with the food because I saw the Mexican kid cooking in the kitchen smirk through the service window at my server, who then quipped to me, “So how’s the chicken?” after I’d taken a couple of bites. Of course he didn’t ask me that AFTER the meal when I excused myself and asked him where the men’s room was.

Scratch another shitty food joint off my list.


Enjoy your trip to the Brick Alley restroom, Reviewer Rob. 🙂

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  1. who gives a shit if they put iced tea on the reciept? you still got tea didn’t you? and maybe you should read the menu because it clearly says greek lemon chicken! Not saying that this place has amazing food or anything but the greek lemon chicken is one thing that is good! If you were so upset how come you didn’t notify your server? They’re servers not mind readers! Anyways, this place is decent I wouldn’t get the pasta though, it’s pretty tasteless.

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