book review: The Last Stage

The Last Stage

by Jim Cherry

reviewed by Kathryn Reade

Michael Gray, a 30 year old liberal arts student, losing support from his parents and unable to further his degree; at a crossroads with his girlfriend and life. He comes up with an idea while perched on a bar stool at his local hang out.

Through kismet he meets a group of young musicians that have aspirations of their own. Michael Gray plots to turn his idea into the dream of a lifetime. They form a tribute cover band of the legendary Doors, called Ghost Dance. A month of rehearsing, fine tuning stage presence and getting their first gig. The members of the band live the dream and tour in a second hand van from their newly acquired manager.

The tour leads the band to various venues around the States, including the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Ghost Dance band members deal with Michael Grays inflated ego until They arrive at the famed Whiskey a Go-Go in L.A. where the Doors first played and had their start. Unfortunately for Michael Gray and his Jim Morrison personae it is the end, but he has his kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames, to paraphrase Jim Morrison. The rest of the band mates fulfill their dream of doing their own music and making it to the big time.

I recommend The Last Stage by Jim Cherry for anyone who has a dream of being a rock star or if you’re a Doors fan. Cherry has researched his subject matter and placed it in a well written 240 page book. You can get a copy of The Last Stage in paperback at or at the author’s website.
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