Death First CD review

Death First
Bleed the King

[With band members from Buckley, Washington!]





Review by Kim Acrylic for Reviewer magazine © 2008

These guys really Know how to rock on their debut album Bleed the King.

Very rich with guitar riffs,fast drums and actual GOOD vocals.
Each song goes from hardcore fast,raging rock to a beautiful lyrical vocal in moments.

Heavy and poetic, the first track “Clicking Tongues” is an aggression-filled masterpiece mosh pit anthem with scream along lyrics.

The track “Have you found my head yet?” There is some screaming and death metal tinges. This CD is not for the faint of heart or mellow indie rockers. A fantastic riot of tunes all in one CD you WILL use this CD to wake you up in the hungover Monday mornings.

Drummer Dane Hubber keeps hardcore rhythm and is like a God on the drums.

Vocalist James Recsh has aced the vocals on every range possible.

A must have to any rocker’s collection.


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