book review: The Holy G-Rail

Holy G~Rail

by Michael Schuessler

Book review by Kim Acrylic


Michael Schuessler’s book was very informative, but lacked major originality. So I now know where the magic spot is for a man… or a woman. He uses his “art techniques” as well as relating the male and female body to bring forth intense orgasms. This 15-minute easy read is a bit pretentious. The Holy G-Rail is informative but sensually snobbish, using terms like “my lover” instead of girlfriend, etc., and signing the book with “changing the world one orgasm at a time.”

TheHoly G-Rail strikes me as a guy who truly believes he can give every woman he’s with an orgasm because he knows some special “trick,” for example, “The key to communication is to verbalize and show what you are feeling” so he writes a book and makes us pay money to read what most of us already know! Simple writing, and I just didn’t find anything original about this book. But he sure knows his anatomy!

This obviously informed author calls it a “precious chamber or vessel, which holds that spot within,” and tells the male readers “not to grab, no matter how hot or excited they are.” That’s about the only non-redundant thing in this book that impressed me. But I just don’t think this book is for regular, sexually active people. It’s more for first timers, a very good book for virgins.

He uses words describing making one have an orgasm as a “quest” or “holy” as a term for the G-spot, and is often speaking to the reader as if he or she was only a beginner, or a child

I also found some parts… well, cheesy such as “It matters not what your sex life is now. Your communication and excitement for each other will do nothing but grow,” and he calls it “precious chamber or vessel, which holds that spot within.” In the Holy G~Rail, Schuessler also often writes of finding a G-spot in the same clinical way a doctor might tell you.

On a positive note, with good, detailed illustrations the “magic spot,” as he describes it, won’t be mysterious to you anymore.

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