Michael Moore thinks Detroit is incompetent and doesn't deserve a bailout

Make Them Build Green!

Michael Moore wants GM in US receivership

by Reviewer Rob

Normally I’m a stickler for details so I may look at it again. But in the version I saw on http://www.BoingBoing.net (posted 11/21), before I found this one on Youtube, Moore says they should be taken in to a kind of receivership and forced by the government to built hybrid cars and not the gas guzzlers they have been marketing.

I think the auto makers should be forced to build solar energy and wind-power devices for homes too, but that’s my idea…

Moore says that if the auto makers are just handed a huge amount of cash, or bailed out, like Wall Street was after their well-timed collapse in the month prior to the national election, that they would just take the money out of the country like to Russia where they’re building a plant. A blank-check bailout would perpetuate the problem not solve it.

Instead, Moore said, Obama should take over the US auto making companies like Roosevelt did in the years during world war two when they made tanks and guns instead of cars. This is because we face a similar national emergency today, Moore said.

No Bailout, per se, but receivership.

The link for the http://www.boingboing.net video doesn’t embed here well. It’s a longer, more comprehensive excerpt from the interview.

Right around 0:20, 1:58, 2:30 and 5:25 Moore begins to describe why General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are unworthy of a straight bailout.

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