Alex Minneker CD review

Alex Minneker

CD review by Kim Acrylic

In his self-titled CD, Alex Minneker mixes idie with intelligence and comes across without a peep of pretentiousness, recorded by himself in his home studio. Minneker 18 years has more intensity and intelligence than most people who have been at this type pf work for years.

“Imaginary Friend” talks of real life confusion and sabotage just like someone of the age of 45.

With music mature and beautiful, Minnneker speaks to a generation of the lost and confused while also lending identity to the mature and the intelligent.

This is a record that I believe to be dear to the young and old, hip and square, emotional and apathetic Alex mixes grunge vocals with emotional poetry.

I believe he is one to be watched forever and who will never sell-out.

Minneker elaborates with key changes and guitar riffs, in a mix between Elliott Smith on uppers and Dylan on E, this album goes from one extreme to another track after track.

Brilliant is his melody, soft yet scratchy-voiced, a favorite for grunge and shoegaze alike.


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