Sublimatus; School of Sorcery


School of Sorcery

review by Kim Acrylic

This is one of the most original bands I’ve heard in quite some time.
stemming from Hamilton, Ontario
Canada band mates Zena Hagerty and Andras Hornic are obviously ahead of the game of creativity.
this triphop/electro album is brilliant.
if Tricky and Bjork had a Kid this would be their love child.
They are one of those bands you either want to dance to or lay down and relax and nurse a hangover with.
Vocals sexual and precise lyrics rich and intense with lines like “He’s a body snatcher in the deepest,darkest dessert” This band really makes up for the lack of triphop we have had as of late..
Dark beats and catchy melodies that twist in and out of the vocals make for beautiful hipsters to dance all night at an after hours party.
I also find the music highly sexual and thought provoking.sublime and ethereal is the tone in which Zena sings.
the first track “Kyhber pass” reminds me of something a Buddhist might listen to whilst meditating or chanting.
i get images of candles and darkly lit night clubs.
I can tell this album truly came from their heart and soul and wants to dive into yours as well. so get your dancing shoes on or your candles going cos this music isn’t to be forgotten.

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