Lora Norton and Chuck Dukowski the interview

The Awesome Art and Music of
Lora Norton and Chuck Dukowski

And The HORROR of Flagellated Mexican Deity Masks…

Video and text by Reviewer Rob

Here’s a little vid clip of Lora Norton and Chuck Dukowski. Their band is The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, wherein Lora does a great cover of the Black Flag song “My War”. The CD6 is an original band but I mention this cover because most of you should recognize that Chuck is one of the original founders of Black Flag, probably one of if not the most seminal awesome hardcore punk bands of all time. Big thrill for Reviewer Rob to meet him and Lora his wife, and for you, dear reader, to view this clip. This was shot at The Doll House salon in Los Feliz on Melbourne last Sunday night at a gallery opening party for an art show currently running of Lora’s. The place was packed until late and even her kids were there. Her cartoon was in issue 36 of Reviewer. Check it out.

Funny quote from off camera: Lora saying that they named their music label the way they did because they wanted to have people call them and then be able to answer the phone with the words “Nice And Friendly.”

Very effective irony from a former hardcore punkrawk/Black Flag guitarist too. ~RR


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