Food and Drink Review [white wines for the financially impared]


by E. Jordan

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Whether it’s white or red, blanco i rosso, we got you!


D’Aquino, Pinot Gigio ’05: A very nice, smooth, fruity white that pairs incredible with seafood. Can be found at Trader Joe’s in the imported white wine section. This inexpensive wine will cost you no more than $4. A great bargin for a great wine. Oh, and I must add, a couple glasses of this stuff will get you smiling plenty.

Bolla, Pinot Grigio ’05: This crisp white from Venice can be paired with the heavier dish, or not. A cream based pasta, caprese salad, bruschetta, which are all various forms of good eats, will go excellent with this medium bodied versatile pinot grigio. Take it from me, Bolla, served at some of the finest Italian restraunts in SF, is one of the the BEST inexpensive yet high grade Pinot Grigios you can find at your local supermarket. This $8-$9 bottle won’t promise to get you feeling fuzzy but it will definately make your pallet crazy happy.

Concannon, Sauvignon Blanc ’04: Chicken, seafood or salads with strong cheeses go great with this extremely smooth sauvignon. At $8-9 bucks a pop, this wine serves for a good bargin and a tipsy evening. One of California’s best, in my opinion, considering price and taste. If you like white wine, this is a must try.

Barefoot, Chardonnay: Off the bat you could tell this is an early wine, plus, the year is not even given on the front label. But, the year doesn’t matter with this one. At $4 a bottle, this white is a quick cheap fix after a hard day at work. In my opinon, this can be savored with any meal, although, the saltier the dish, the sweeter it will come out. Barefoot has won many awards for its taste in proportion to its price. For all you two-buck-chuckers out there, this is one step up from the infamous Trader Joe’s original. Enjoy this one, cuz it won’t last long. I suggest three bottles depending on how bad your day went.

Fetzer, Chenin Blanc ’05: This is Gz’s shit. He loves it. Considering the price and and taste, who wouldn’t? At $3 a bottle, who would argue with that? I just have one warning. This wine is super sweet with a rich aftertaste. PLEASE eat something with this one or you will not be able to finish your glass. For you wine lovers and harsh critics out there… Stay away! But for all the folks who’d love a cool body high from a very sweet white, please enjoy!

FYI, these white wines MUST be chilled. The cooler the better. And a little ghetto food tip: if you buy a cheap white wine and it taste really bad or just a little, place it in the freezer for a while for it to get extremely cold. It takes away most of the nasty/harsh aftertaste and goes down smoother so you still get the good buzz for your buck. EJ

[Reprinted with permission from Ghetto Food Critics, -Ed.]

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