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–Will Sell Anything
Super Black Market. Coming soon to a club near you.


2006 has been consistently LOADED with non-stop events and adventures, all captured in the pages of Reviewer Magazine forever.

One major ‘06 highlight for me was KEG’s first Midwest tour. On the trek, I had the opportunity to check out the diverse sounds boiling from the center of the continent. The sounds I had been hearing so much about…

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One act that particularly shined was Super Black Market, the latest band to break out of the budding Kansas City Indie scene. In their short time being together, Super Black Market have caused a massive stir in their native Midwest. As you read this, plans are already in the works for theirWest Coast debut.

Formed in 2004, Sonny (Vocals, Bass) and Joseph Remlinger (Drums) teamed up with guitarists Trent White and Brian Bluml to form a punk outfit with strong DIY influences a la At The Drive-In, Hot Water Music, and The Clash. Super Black Market firmly believe that in true punk rock, you should do it right, or go home.

This ain’t coming from any rookies, either. Joseph and Trent have logged in countless road hours doing time in their previous band, BYO Recording artist Kosher, and Sonny has honed the sound and songwriting that is Super Black Market today from his work in the heavy-hitting Kansas quintet Dynamo.

Super Black’s debut full-length, “Will Sell Anything” combines rhythm-heavy, punchy punk rock with razor sharp lyrics, leaving listeners bruised and educated. Their tight, energetic live show takes this a step further, giving the audience that exclusive, “insider” feeling. The feeling that those select few must’ve felt who got to catch Black Flag play in a basement.

Check out Super Black Market now.

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KEG is a Seattle-based Glam-Party-Punk Solo Artist whose Stooges-influenced sound and stage presence got him on the 2004 Vans Warped Tour. Dubbed “The Lone Ranger Of Rock”, KEG is the first artist in the punk genre to perform all vocal, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard parts completely solo live. For FREE KEG music visit

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