Pass it on.

My results were:

“The Monday Morning Test Results
(better than any IQ test)

“Your Score: 10 out of 11
Your Rating: Wow! Come to work for us!

“Now Here’s the Twist;
Your answers not only can tell your current intelligence,
but the combination can also forcast your upcoming love life:

“Your Projected Love Life: Your love life is mediocre
Remember you must pass this page on to at least 5 people.

“0-4 People: We know you have no friends, don’t look for anything good in your life
5-10: Your life will take a sudden turn for good in the next 2 weeks
11-20: Your love life now multiplied by your score
20 or more: Your life is guaranteed to get much better in the next week or less!”

How the heck can they tell about my love life from this “test?” You mean I would have a better love life had I gotten the pill question right? Pleh!

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  1. Stupid

    This is the stupidest test ever, there is no way it can measure any thing being that it only consists of a few questions!

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