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We are FULL COLOR now. Click HERE for our ad contract pdf document.

This page will make your advertising experience easier. All display ads must be paid for in order to run. For quick ad payment, pay by debit or credit card here:

Click here to pay.

NOTE: be sure to print and keep the receipt which will be emailed to you for your annual business expenses come tax time.

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You may email the ad art as a color jpeg at 300 dpi.
It’s will be sized and modified accordingly by Reviewer Magazine’s crack graphics department for placement as both the print issue and the website versions of your ad at no extra charge.


Print Ad Rates

Below are the ADVERTISING RATES with exact specs.
These are for ads in FULL COLOR. All adds must be fully pre-paid in order to appear.
Other sizes and in-between prices are available upon request.

Eighth of a page, 4” tall by 5” wide –
1X: $164; 2X: $154; 3X: $133: 4X: $126; 6X: $112

Quarter page, 7 7/8” tall by 5” wide –
1X: $315; 2X: $287; 3X: $259; 4X: $231; 6X: $210

Half page, 7 7/8” tall x 10 1/4” wide & 16” tall x 5” wide –
1X: $616; 2X: $560; 3X: $504; 4X: $455; 6X: $406

Full page, 16” tall by 10 1/4” wide –
1X: $1211; 2X: $1092; 3X: $987; 4X: $889; 6X: $889

Back page –
1X: $1965; 2X: $1232; 3X: $1106; 4X: $1001; 6X: $896


P.O. BOX 87069

Address ALL letters and packages to ONLY “Reviewer magazine” or else they may not be accepted.

All ads contracted for the print version of Reviewer will also be posted on the website immediately upon payment, or at the earliest possible time.

Email a jpeg attachment to for the ad art.

To make that all-important ad payment CLICK HERE … or else on one of the credit-debit icons below and at the top of this page to be taken to our handy, secure e-payment link.

Labels and bands that want to advertise, EMAIL us right away. ::


Press run is over 10,000 copies per issue. All paid ads appear in both the print version and the website. Rates listed above in first column pertain to camera-ready artwork and are per single insertion in only one issue. After that is the rate per insertion in two consecutive issues, then per insertion in three consecutive issues, and so on. For Reviewer magazine to build the ad for you add twenty percent of ad price to total and waive pre-approval of ad design. Should an ad for a camera-ready contract not be received by deadline after payment has been made and space committed, Reviewer magazine can, at its discretion, run a text ad in its stead. Advertisers assume all responsibility for text, content and components of ad. All ads must be fully prepaid by stated deadline to run on time. Ad space is committed by Reviewer magazine upon payment by advertiser. Should an ad fail to run, for any reason, money will not be refunded but an ad of equal size will be applied to the account. Make checks out to REVIEWER MAGAZINE.

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