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“What I saw is what I saw.”

When what was not sought gets seen

January 15, 2023: Some poor soul checked out early this afternoon in Carlsbad by standing in front of a speeding Surfliner train, arms open in the Jesus Christ pose, facing his oncoming destiny. Frank gives REVIEWER.TV his eyewitness account.

REVIEWER.TV had a follow-up interview scheduled with Cori Kat, the North County sober bartender guru lady, to talk about her mind-shaping techniques I guess you could call it. She’s the expert so I’ll let her tell you — in another post.

Because there was a tragic event that interjected itself into the otherwise fantastic, gorgeous sunny January afternoon in Carlsbad Villiage, a man chose to end his life by standing in front of the speeding train. Cori and I did the interview afterward and she reflected on how a better mindset may have helped avoid this fate for the unfortunate man.

After the interview with Cori, I spotted Frank, the eyewitness from the event, whom I’d met earlier in the day. He was riding his bicycle to work now after speaking to the police, and I got his story. Intense stuff.

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