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X Sword Trick With John Doe And Murrugun The Magician

X Sword Trick

Photo story by Reviewer Rob

John Doe looks on as Murrugun (“The Magician”) swallows an actual sword for the camera. Then they take a bow. Photos by Reviewer Rob for Reviewer Magazine, on November 28 2015 at 1:28 a.m., after the X show,











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X returns to The Casbah

The legendary band X returns

by Reviewer Rob

X opens their show at The Casbah, 11-27-15: this was said to be the first time X had appeared on stage since Billy Zoom had been in chemo treatment. They chose the warm and inviting safety of the naugahyde-padding lined stage of The Casbah for their re-emergance. It was a powerful performance by this legendary band. Here’s the moment Zoom walked on stage and was joined by Exene Cervenka, John Doe and drummer DJ Bonebreak. Formed originally in 1977, this band has meant and still means a lot to countless lovers of their music, punk rock mixed with Americana/rockabilly and poetry, and over the years they’ve been through so much. It was great to see X play this night.

Video by the totally amazing Reviewer Rob,, of course.

You should be able to click the pic below for full frame.

X opens their Casbah show after Billy Zoom takes the stage to cheers from the crowd.
X opens their Casbah show after Billy Zoom takes the stage amid cheers from the crowd.