A Place Where You Can Make Almost Anything Opens its Doors in San Diego

Reported by Katherine Sweetman

[A Press Release  that came to me via FAB LAB]


A Place Where You Can Make Almost Anything Opens its Doors in San Diego
San Diego, California – March 1, 2012 – MakerPlace, a 14,000 square-foot fabrication facility is opening its doors
to the public, allowing community members the opportunity to become the inventors, designers and makers of
their own ideas.

“This is not your average shop”, says Steve Michael Salmon, a partner at MakerPlace. “We are creating an
environment where artistic and scientific creativity can flourish side by side in a supportive and flexible

The space is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art tools for every specialty and hobby,  from 3D printing to quilt-
making.  This wide range of professional equipment also includes woodworking, metalworking, electronics,
and specialty tools such as laser cutters and engravers – even embroidery.  Many of the tools are computer
controlled, allowing rapid, precise work without the steep learning curve.

Most importantly, this extensive and high-tech set of tools, combined with experienced technicians will
allow attendees (even newcomers) to make just about anything that they can dream up.  MakerPlace offers
individuals the chance to learn how to make their ideas into real products, as well as access to a wide variety
of high-tech tools that will enable them to complete the task.  Additionally, members are guided through the
process of learning how to safely and effectively use the equipment.

Educational opportunities are available to help newcomers through every step, from basic tool use and safety
to specialized skill development.  Courses range from introductory to advanced, and a fully-equipped computer
lab is available on site.  A partnership with Fab Lab San Diego will provide workshops that aim to convince
even non-techie members that they can create advanced projects in areas such as 3D modeling, do-it-yourself
robotics, and custom circuit design.

The MakerPlace facility also plays the role of community space and local business incubator, and includes
office spaces that will assist new small businesses through regular access to tools that would normally be
a large budget item for a startup.  To further assist these businesses in the launch process, secretarial and
administrative support, dedicated telephones, wireless internet and a variety of business machines are
available as well.

MakerPlace is the newest and largest facility in Southern California dedicated to supporting the innovative and
creative abilities of the area’s makers, engineers, craftspeople and artists.  The worldwide ‘Maker Movement’
is growing rapidly, aided by the increased accessibility of equipment and a Do-It-Yourself call to action,
resulting in a new era of handmade, personalized goods, new artistic expression, and sophisticated personal
projects.  Finally, this movement is taking root in San Diego and plans to aid innovation locally by offering a
comprehensive set of powerful tools under one roof in a supportive atmosphere for makers to teach, learn and

MakerPlace will host a press and invitation-only pre-opening event on March 3, 2012 from 2pm – 6pm.  An
official grand opening will take place on March 10, 2012.
Contact: Brian Salmon:  brian@makerplace.com
MakerPlace:  1022 west Morena Blvd, Suite H, San Diego, Ca 92110    |    www.makerplace.com

If you do show up on the 3rd, please let them know that you were sent by Fab Lab.  When memberships get issued, Fab Lab friends will get a 15% discount price.