Cooking Healthy From Scratch

Stuffed French Toastwith sweet marscapone cheese on fresh brioche! by Janna Latour Nichols we really do love breakfast so much in our house! i woke up this morning craving something sweet, so while my hubby was sleeping in (after a long night at work), i walked to the reading terminal to buy some ingredients. this [...]

new music: Aquience

“On Hip Hop Band Aquience” by Lisa Gregory Aquience is an electronica/hip hop/acoustic band that came together in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2009. This motley crew consists of three members: Sir Voh, Jaiden Frost, and Squid (alternatively spelled: S!r Voh, JA!DEN FROST, and Squ?d). I interviewed them at the Xtasy Ice Café, a friendly coffee [...]

Fashion: Spring Skirt Lengths

How Short Is Too Short?by Krystal Biehler It is great to show a bit of leg. Whether you are a student on your way to class or a high powered executive in the boardroom showing a bit of gamb is a tasteful and feminine way to dress to impress. But what length is deemed [...]

Skate Design

Light Boardsby Peter Schroedl Photon Light Boards has been making skateboards embedded with colored LEDs powered by rechargable batteries for over 3 years. Having sold more than 10,000 skateboards, they offer shortboards, longboards, and mini's for sale on their website, as well as offering custom installation in the board of your choice. In Ocean Beach, [...]

CD Reviews

New Musicreviews by Jennifer Nastri Judgement Day Peacocks/Pink Monsters Let me just start off by saying I love Judgement Day's casing for their upcoming album “Peacocks/Pink Monsters”. The album comes tucked in a small book that showcases the cover art and band photos (perhaps not in the most green way) in an eye catching and [...]