Book review: After Tonight Everything Will Be Different

[First impression]

Writing about food

Adam Gnade’s new book is moody and a drag, but enjoyable.

Reviewer Rob

In the workspace with After Tonight Everything Will Be Different.

After Tonight Everything Will Be Different is a new collection of shorts centered on San Diego people interacting with eachother and their food.

Right now: I’m reading the back cover notes on this pocket-width paperback called After Tonight Everything Will Be Different by writer Adam Gnade that I purchased at Verbatim Books last week for $15, and listening to On Reflection by Max Richter (Pandora). This copy of After Tonight Everything Will Be Different says it’s a first printing with the first edition scheduled for release in two months next January. The guy at the bookstore desk said they’re the only place that has copies now. When he did I put back a cheaper copy of another Gnade release whose title I’d recognized and got After Tonight instead. Writing for the sad and moody kids Adam Gnade offers this collection of short stories. The book itself looks well-arranged by its author and self-publisher, with 15 glowing advance reviews in its first seven pages and copious black and white illustrstions peppered throughout. The brief 3 or 7-page stories are all set in and around the San Diego region and appear tailor made for readers easily bored or suffering from ADD. I’ve read a couple of the untethered snippets so far, vignettes you may call them, and enjoyed it. This book feels dark and moody with excitement promised on the uncertain horizon, much like the late 1990’s it was set in. #shortstories #aftertonighteverythingwillbedifferent #adamgnade #paperbackwriter #moody #gottheblues #boohoo #poorme #lifeishard #sandiego #california #localfood #foodporn #southercalifornia

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