Bar Rescue, Jolt’n Joe’s

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Bar Rescue, Jolt’n Joe’s

Rex Edhlund

Wow, just started watching a Bar Rescue episode on Jolt’n Joe’s in the Gaslamp. Such a horrible place and largely because of the owner Phil. Sorry he got cancer, that sucks, but when he was in his prime 5 years ago and I was helping a bunch of companies with outside events during Comic Con, that guy could not wait to try and fuck someone over. Tried to screw me 4 out of 4 times, succeeded once. Lied constantly, would undermine and try to swipe clients, just the worst. He should have stuck to the banking world where fucking people over is more of a way of life. It ain’t gonna be rescued, don’t let the episode fool you. Schadenfreude rules!

Bar Rescue, Jolt'n Joe's.
Bar Rescue, Jolt’n Joe’s.

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