Loonies and Toonies


An American Art Expat Speaks From North Of The Border

From the facebook today of Chase Lisbon:

Canada is great. I love it. The $1 coins are called Loonies. The $2 coins are called Toonies. They don’t use pennies, just round up or down. The healthcare situation is real. People here go to the doctor when they need to. They just go and get fixed and pay a small amount. People pay more in taxes, but it feels so much more stable. The quality of life feels much higher. I feel like our whole life they’ve scared us (in the states) with this idea that taking care of ourselves and our people is some sort of psycho socialist plot to bring in a dictator or whatever, but it looks like that’s already happening anyway. Point is, loonies and toonies. The people here are so much less aggressive. I don’t mention politics here anymore, but guys… Trump is not good at this. The country is on the verge of collapse? War? I don’t know. It’s bad. I know that some of you think he’s honestly some sort of hero who is taking out dark forces, but seriously. How can you anyone believe anything he’s ever said? I am voting with absentee mail, after September 18th. I’m hoping that the GOP loses the senate. Im just over this. If you could see how Canada has been handling covid, vs the states. The USA! We grew up in a nation that told us we are #1! We can beat any other nation at anything. Look around now. The nation isn’t functioning. It’s not working. You can’t function without checks and balances. Listen, let the laws and rules work both way. Keep everyone in check. The state of the nation is currently a total world wide embarrassment. It hurts. I really just wanted to talk about loonies but, I’ve got a lot of feelings that have been bottling up and I’m just over it. I know a lot of people live to argue and debate, but file this under rant/vent. The truth is, If Trump cared about other humans, he wouldn’t have stole peoples money pretending to be a course that could help people get ahead. It was pure theft, they plead out and paid. If he was this Q anon hero playing 4-D chess, he wouldn’t have stole from charity. He’s just another American con man in a suit. He’s just another guy with his foot on our throats. I’m ready for him to be confined to the pages of history books. This is one non-college educated white guy who isn’t part of the 66%.

Chase Lisbon and his wife, Red Rosamond (Amanda Smith)
Chase Lisbon and his wife, Red.

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