Ipacac Suite by Pinkeye

When a band makes it

on Pornhub you know they’ve made it.

Pinkeye’s Ipecac Suite

Tonight I popped in to the mighty Casbah on Kettner for a minute and shot a couple of photos of the band on stage. Pinkeye, Le Saboteur, and Your Friendly Bartender were the bands listed, so this girl was the lead singer of one of them, wasn’t sure which. As I walked in and was testing the camera’s ISO setting she was saying that if you look up “Ipecac on PH” (Pornhub?) that “thankfully” they were the only video that came up, or something like that. Ipecac is also a music label from Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mondo Cane, with French composer Jean-Claude Vannier. But…

I just looked it up on PH and indeed PINKEYE’s is the video that pops up, so it must be them. Apparently IPECAC SUITE is the name of the video, and it’s weird but not porn so I’ll post the link HERE. It’s projectionist video dance art klezmer/accordion folk punkrock(?). lol

There’s also a Youtube safe version.

We don’t have a CD from them so I can’t provide a review but I shot a few photos of the singer and have Photoshopped one of them here as monochrome and color. Anna Zinova is listed on Facebook a Supreme leader at Pinkeye as well as Fiddler at The Downs Family, so it might be her.


Pinkeye, Ipacac Suite niht, Casbah, 1-14-20.


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