Get A Light

I went on a bike ride last night along the Pdx Willamette River waterfront. It was great to see the city that way but while heading back over Steel Bridge a female cyclist with a helmet, proper lights and other safety gear on her bike yelled at me angrily, “Get a light, man!,” as we passed going in opposite directions.

I like riding in the dark at night. The streets are usually pretty well lit anyway, you’re more in-tune with your environment and it keeps your night vision intact. But it was the second time a female bike rider yelled at me for breaking the rules while riding here; the other time was after the NBR last weekend when I jumped a red light even though no cars were coming. The women are really vocal in this town apparently.

So I guess I better find a bike store tomorrow or buy a light at Walmart before any more night rides. Portlanders take their pedal transporstion seriously.

Steel Bridge bike ride, PDX.

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