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Finding An Actual Surf Shop in PDX

video interview by Reviewer Rob

I went to Portland over the Halloween weekend to finish up getting a thousand copies of issue 50 up in Oregon and while driving around the West side of the Willamette River valley I drove by a hand painted sign that said a surf shop was open. Surf shops are shrine-like outposts to waveriding anywhere you find them in the world so they’re all very similar but there was no way I expected to see one way up here and this far inland in the Northwest, so I immediately made a u-turn and pulled into the dirt parking lot to see what manner of trickery this was.

I have to admit it was the real deal. Dozens of hot boards lined the racks inside the shop (not shown in the video where we’re it’s out in the front yard and in the ding repair shed) and Matt Spencer who worked there was friendly enough to do a quick video interview for Reviewer TV.

I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Oregon attracts extreme action sports types, it seems. Many years ago i first heard the Gerry Lopez, Mister Pipeline himself, had left his Oahu home and moved to Bend to take up residence near the slops where snowboarding is the call of the wild.

Willamette River Valley.
Willamette River Valley.

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