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by Reviewer Rob

Noted San Diego Blues singer Candye Kane has died. In the late-1990’s saw her play at the Belly Up once and she really took control of the stage and lit up the house with her big smile. I was up close during the show and while on stage during the performance she looked right at me and held eye contact while she said a comment about working hard to make more money to spend on partying and drinking in bars. I laughed because at the time I working every day and then going out shooting photos at night in the San Diego clubs but was telling people the exact same thing and knew that was a problem I had (youthful lack of self-control) but I was saying it jokingly like it wasn’t a fault. But for Candye it seemed like she was totally okay with it. That’s a committed person right there. Respect. ~Reviewer Rob

P.S.: I’d also like to say that her crossover status as a well-loved blues performer who gained fame AFTER being a porn star who started at barely legal 18-yearold status during the GOLDEN AGE OF PORN (up until the mid-1980’s) is amazingly impressive. ~RR

Check out her list of videos:

Selected filmography

Boobsville Cabaret (1998) (V)
Best Of Breasts 3 (1995) (V)
Blue Vanities S-579 (1995) (V)
Candy’s Back (1995) (V)
Blue Vanities 221 (1994) (V)
Candye Kane (1992) (V)
Ten Years of Big Busts (1989) (V)
Bra Breakers Vol. 1 (1988) (V)
Legends of Lust 2: Christy Canyon (1987) (V)
Let Me Tell Ya Bout Fat Chicks (1987) (V)
Best of Big Busty (1986) (V)
Between My Breasts 3 (1986) (V)
Bouncin’ in the U.S.A. (1986) (V)
Big Melons 5 (1985) (V)
2 Tons Of Fun (1985) (V)
Huge Bras 4 (1985) (V)
Big Busty 17 (1986) (V)
Big Busty 14 (1986) (V)
Big Melons 3 (1985) (V)
I Want It All (1984) (V)
Big Busty 5 (1984) (V)
Candy Girls 4 (1984) (V)
Huge Bras 2 (1983) (V)
Big Busty 3 (1983) (V)


Saddened to hear that my bosom buddy, award winning blues singer and former sex worker Candye Kane (Candice Caleb) left her sweet body and has gone on to her next gig. She was the” toughest girl alive,” and kept pancreatic cancer at bay for years. Her Wikipedia page lists the many amazing albums she made, along with songs she wrote, as well as the many XX movies she appeared in. She played the piano with her large bobbies (a great performance art piece!), sang about being 200 lbs of fun, and bisexuality. She will be missed by so many fans, friends, and her devoted grown children and family. Thanks Candye for years of inspiration and sexy fun. You did a lotta good in the world. Rest up.

Candye Kane (born November 13, 1965)[1] is an American singer, songwriter and performer best known in the blues and jazz genre.[2] She has…

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