Really Bad Food Review: Oggie’s Encinitas

Really Bad Food Review: Oggie’s Encinitas

December 8, 2015
by Reviewer Rob

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I just tried to eat at Oggie’s pizza on my Encinitas Blvd. and it was THE WORST. I made the mistake of asking the waitress if they had “fresh garlic” in the kitchen. She said yes so I asked for a special favor, if she could request the cook to chop up a clove and put it in an order of spaghetti. No problem.

Came back stinking rotton. I tried eating some and when she asked how it was I told her it didn’t smell right. She said she saw him chop it up, “little yellow” cloves, she said.

Fresh garlic isn’t yellow. No wonder it smelled rotton. The garlic was stale and should have been discarded.

So she replaced the dish with a chicken salad that was like bad high school cafeteria food.

Worst fucking dinner ever. Will never go back to this shitty place.

— at Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company– Encinitas.

Both plates were AWFUL GROSS! I paid for this salad but after three bites left it like you see it here. The poor waitress who.lied to me — I’m pretty sure that was garlic powder on top of the spaghetti — still got a tip but only a dollar.

Bad Foo Review: Oggie's Encinitas
Bad Foo Review: Oggie’s Encinitas

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