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by Reviewer Rob

Look for the "" watermark.
Look for the “” watermark.

I’m going to start building up a portfolio on and using it as the copyright mark for my editorial photos. It’s a site I’ve had for a number of years now but I want to start using the watermark on all photos going forward, especially if they were shot as event coverage or newsy editorial either for print in Reviewer Magazine or on speculation for anywhere else, including posting on this website.

The reason for this is not to indicate any diminishing of Reviewer Magazine’s brand. On the contrary, it’s to reinforce it. There will still be watermarks on photos posted here, but they may also be used on images that other photographers and contributors send in for inclusion.

As for the printed product, there’s really no need to put a watermark on a paper product, especially a news photo. Journalistically that’s not really the form of how it’s done.

Things will morph and develop as they go along, as they always do. But for now please check out and look for the new photos to bear the website name.

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