Chrissie Hynde caps her Solo Tour: “We’ll be back next year I hope.”


Chrissie Hynde caps her Solo Tour: “We’ll be back next year I hope.”

Chrissy Hynde, ex-Pretenders
Chrissy Hynde, ex-Pretenders

The Ex-Pretender’s Tour Wrap-Up

Well that was fun!

The USA tour I mean. Big thank-you’s to everybody who came and especially to those who hung around after the shows in parking lots to say goodnight to Grumpyguts here. Grandma gets tired. We all loved sleeping on the coach. And we all loved exploring the theatres and communing with the ghosts of performers past. You have to experience stage fright to know how much those who tread the boards in former times can be of solace.

The thing I’m missing the most now we’re back is hearing The Rails every night before we went on. I just loved them. The world needs more Folk-a-Billy .

And I can’t sign off without saying a special thank you to LIL UGLY MANE. I listened to him nightly to put me in the mood to rock. He’s got truth and beauty and props me up when I feel blasé. Thanks man.

I’m hoping we can cull some good recordings of songs from our set and release it for the next time we tour over there. You know, a limited run of vinyl for those of you who like that sort of thing. The whole band scoured record stores from town to town and carted loads back to England….. Record stores, book stores, radio stations – we salute you.

We’ll be back next year I hope. We never even got to Florida. There’s a ton of places we didn’t get to and I don’t want you to think I forgot about you. Mexico – Europe – Brazil – Russia – Japan – China. I wanna see you! Cleveland!


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