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Maystar Parties at U-31 for her 9 Year Anniversary


Maystar’s Parties Packs the Dancefloor for its 9 Year Anniversary

Photo Gallery

by Reviewer Rob

Here’s some pics I shot at the 9-Year Anniversary dance party and fashion show for Maystar’s Fashion Whore/Pop Noir club scene at U31 in North Park. I got a lot of crowd shots and pics during the fashion show so it might take a while to sift through them all and post them. It seems like Maystar has been doing these sexy sexxed-up fashion shows for you pervs for more than 9 years but I don’t know. Maystar started doing these take-over nights at bars in San Diego shortly after graduating from UCSD back during the whole internet upsurge of 2004 to 2006 when she said she was making side money by redesigning Myspace pages for people. She kind of became a Myspace queen there for a while. She had good graphic design skills and made fliers and, seeing as how this was 2005 and everyone was obsesses with the new availability of high-resolution porn video on the internet, she came up with this bold and unique idea of combining the concepts of “fashion” and “whore” and, perhaps not surprisingly, people liked it. I attribute Maystar’s success to her cute babydoll personality and her brazen no-apologies approach of giving people what they want. Her being a female helps too. San Diego is a conservative town and other promoters have done “Pimp and Ho” events years ago when gangsta rap was still a thing but they were dudes and for whatever reason it didn’t last. Maystar on the other hand now looks to expand to Los Anglees.

News Flash!
Maystar is currently looking to stage events in Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles. Find her on Facebook or at one of her websites and send her a message if you want her to bring her show on the road to your part of town.

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