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Where Is There Safe A Place On The Net?

Ello’s logo is a smiley face with no eyes. So does that mean it isn’t watching us, and if so, will it stay that way?

by Reviewer Rob @reviewer

Like most people with smartphones I’m on my Facebook app a lot, quite a lot. However I recently contacted the press department at and “Lizzy” bounced some questions from me over to a “Paul” who answered them. Given Facebook’s recently upgraded terms of service which are requiring more and more privacy to be relinquished I thought it was time to take another look at an alternative social network to use all the time. Ello might be the one. It has a cool factor because you apparently still need to message them to request and invite to join the network, for whatever that’s worth.

But seriously, every wonder if things like this is a trap set up to ensnare privacy-seekers into revealing things about themselves they would otherwise feel inhibited to put out there if they thought they were being watched? Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

You can find Reviewer Magazine on ello @reviewer.

Ello’s response to my emailed interview questions:

Hey Robert,

Paul answered your questions below. Please reach out to me directly if you have any further questions.

Question: First of all I am guessing Ello is privately held. Is it incorporated or an LLC?

Answer: Incorporated.

Question: Where is it based?

Answer: Our headquarters are in Vermont, with team members in Denver and Boulder.

Question: When was its debut date?

Answer: We’ve been working on the app for about a year, but rolled out the beta on August 7.

Question: Where did the name come from? Is it derived from the more casual way of saying “hello”?

Answer: Yes. Ello is all about simplicity & community. It’s just like Hello, but we killed the “H”.

Question: Does plan on developing a mobile application?

Answer: We are working on the apps now, and in the meantime the mobile web version of Ello works great.

Question: Is there a way of uploading a profile icon from a mobile handset without using the drag and drop function?

Answer: Yes, just click on it.

Question: Will always protect privacy by allowing members to use pseudonyms or will their legal name be required eventually?

Answer: Ello allows you to be who you want to be–as long as you play by the rules (posted on the site), and you’re accepting and welcoming of others too.

Safe and secure social networking? The logo for - a smiley face with no eyes.
Safe and secure social networking? The logo for – a smiley face with no eyes.

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