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cd review: GRIT by Stone Horse

GRIT, by Stone Horse,

GRIT, by Stone Horse,

by Stone Horse

10 tracks,

by Reviewer Rob the rock snob

The core of this La Jolla-based working local bar rock band is a two-piece consisting of singer Danielle Spade and guitarist Carlos Rodriguez. Danielle has a sweet voice with the range of Grace Slick and the occasional emotional density of Janice Joplin in one song, then she’ll rev it up ala’ post-Runaways Joan Jett in the next. This combines well with Rodriguez’ style of 60’s/70’s-ish strumming and riffing as in “No Regret,” then they’ll turn back on the volume and power chords in the next track on this disc, “Walkin Away.” Stone Horse plays all over San Diego but I caught them at Beaumont’s Eatery on La Jolla Boulevard for a dinner engagement with their band augmented by session players (who come and go, apparently) and the swank local crowd was looking all uptown and WASPy gangster while Stone Horse rocked them happily as they sipped their wine and chatted over expensive plates of food. Carlos and Danielle both went to La Jolla High School and have seen all the beach life one could want at their Windansea haunt. But this is more biker music, if you could categorize it, not a surf music cd (which technically doesn’t have vocals anyways). GRIT is like a fusion of early 70’s honkytonk dive bar tunes with a bit of country Americana vibe thrown in for a Western flavor. Danielle looks much younger than Carlos, who’s in his mid-to-late-50’s and has the look and demeanor of a guy who has really been through the ringer. He’s grew up in La Jolla’s Marine Street area, but don’t call him a rich kid. His parents were gardeners and maids, he says. He’s been sober now for about a year and a half and is going strong, living the rock and roll lifestyle for as long as it lasts. I say “cheers” and may Stone Horse ride long! You can hear their tracks at their website. RR []

Danielle Spade and Carlos Rodriguez from Stone Horse. Photo found online.

Danielle Spade and Carlos Rodriguez from Stone Horse. Photo found online.

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