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Good Chakra

I need a new angle

by Reviewer Rob

Maybe I should try yoga.

I’ve been mulling around this option for a while since I’ve been working out at the gym with weights every day, consistently, for the past 17 months, I’ve notice an expected improvement in muscle tone, strength and flexibility, but I have not reached that level of ethereal awesomeness that one reputedly does with a good Eastern fitness lifestyle.

I’m guessing I know what you’re probably thinking. But I am only partially doing this because of the ladies. Although that’s as good a reason as any, my whole point of being on this pattern of self-improvement is really for the feeling of health and the lack of lethargy it affords. Honest. At the age of 50 meeting women for me is actually still a lot faster and easier in the grocery store produce section or in an environment of hedonistic quasi-selfdestruction like in the club scene, always has been. So just keep those stereotypes to yourself and believe what you want. I’ve got another set to do and still need to look up the morning schedule of classes.

What is this, “Zumba”?

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