Summer Sunscreen Action

It’s SUMMER! Protect your skin.

Michelle Nachtigall

Michelle, the author, practices what she teaches.

Ahhhh, Summer, a magical time filled with trips to the beach and booze infused nights on the patio. It’s also a time when we can relax a bit and take a laid back approach to beauty. Ladies, this is NOT the time to be fussing with your hair or worrying about meticulously applied makeup. But what you DO need to worry about is sun protection. We all know a tan looks great, but do you REALLY want to look like an old baseball mitt when you’re 50? NO! If you decide to bake in the sun despite my warning you will rue the day, trust me. Even Sun Goddess Christie Brinkley admitted she wished she’d practiced safe sun like the creamy complected Scarlett Johansson likely does today. Not to mention the risk of skin cancer. But if vanity is what it takes to get you to slather on the SPF, then so be it.

I highly recommend anything made by Neutrogena. Their sunscreens contain the patented ingredient Helioplex, which is a more stable form of sun protection. If you’re worried about greasiness, try Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock, which works well under makeup.

I’m not much of a fake baker, but I had a chance to try Avon’s Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel, and I was very impressed. My pasty legs have a realistic looking glow, and the light, refreshing gel also helps reduce the appearance of hair, and firms the skin with regular use, all while hydrating without the heaviness of a cream.

Summer tends to take a toll on hair, with sun damage, heat, frizziness, chlorine, etc, not to mention those mandatory highlights, but Nexxus thankfully came out with a great new line of haircare, the Pro-Mend line, which uses negative and positive ions to bond split ends together. Pro-Mend Split End Binding Overnight Treatment Creme, which claims to “bind 94% of split ends back together and dramatically strengthens against future splits”, is a breakthrough product that gave me noticably smoother hair. And you only have to use it once or twice a week before bed on damp or dry hair to really see a difference.

One more beauty tip- very important- STAY HYDRATED! Sun plus booze, not good for your looks. Have a safe, happy summer, and don’t forget to thank me in 20 years, when you’re still getting carded at the bar.

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