DVD review: alt short film Home Made Monster

Home Made Monster (The Musical)

From Scumbag Movies, written and directed by Leia Gadow and Brandon Gadow, starring Leia Gadow, Brandon Gadow, Rick Reger, Jesus Yepez, Blaire Whitcomb, Chuck Green, Amy GreenEarl WinstonHamit Kilic, Lisa Merullo-Boaz, Dilan Cheavacci, Capitan, music by The Jim Rowdy Show, Bobby Dickson, Paul Rey

Reviewed by Robert Shamlin

Home Made Monster

A girl needs love. The alcoholic man in her life isn’t treating her well. So she kills him by putting an overdose of prescription drugs in his beer after he says he’s leaving. She gets the brilliant idea to then kill three other guys to assemble her very own perfect dude, a home-made monster. Think early John Waters. There’s a loving momma’s-boy bartender with braces on his teeth, bookish older-guy professor type who studies Hamlet and a well-hung oaf she hears of and meets shooting pool at the bar. There’s her heart, intellect and dick to add to the dead body of her boyfriend. Tension ensues when she has a hard time actually bringing him back to life though. Leia Gadow, who with Brandon wrote and directed this guerilla film, stars as lead. She appears to shed real tears in a bit of fine acting too. She surprises me by taking her clothes off and mounting her monster in a nude sex scene that fits the plot well in an ungratuitous way. DIY in production, their website boasts no frills. I like that they’re proud of filming everything on a short budget and have a sense of humor about catching all the flaws in the production and sets. [scumbagmovies.com] RS

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