new music and film review – GRIMOON’s Super 8/Neera

Grimoon Super 8 – the album; Neera – the movie

CD/DVD reviewed by Reviewer Rob

CD & DVD 2-disc package, produced by Scott Mercado, recorded at Macaco Country Studio in Tevisto, Italia, and mastered in San Diego at Kitch & Snych by Sven Eric Seaholm,,

Grimoon is an Italo-French band formed in 2003 that plays at The Casbah in San Diego in November. This CD from Grimoon has 12 tracks listed of melodic lovely grooviness that seems with enchanting French-lyric vocals (when they sing the song title for “Super 8” track 7 it sounds like they’re saying ‘super wait’) and hypnotic drums. The beat and rhythm of this music is wholly engrossing and invites the listener to delve deeper and deeper. There’s some great sad/sweet strains from a violin and cello in more than one of the songs. Although I don’t get the lyrics I enjoyed the way the music of each succeeding song contributes to the whole as it all builds to a crescendo and then tapers off, leaving a satisfied feeling at the end. Producer of the CD Scott Mercado accompanies the band as a guest on keys (meaning keyboard?) on “Mille Lumieres,” guitar on “Melodie,” drums and piano on “La Maison du Photographe” (or “the house of the photographer” is what I think that means). The DVD here has a play filmed with actors speaking I think Italian and some German on a spare stage in a small theater. Neera, the female protagonist, appears to die in one scene. But I didn’t understand what was said, so… The art work layout for the CD/DVD package was made by Mercado’s bandmate from Mr Tube & The Flying Objects, Pall Jenkins, out of original paintings by Alessandro Fiori. So those two gents, Mercado and Jenkins, are the local tie-ins and why you’re lucky enough to be reading about this band right now and why I’m lucky to have a review copy of this package. Get yours when Grimoon tours through San Diego, Mercado will be on drums, and plays The Casbah on November 13th! [] []

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