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The Old Horse, out August 3rd, from Manuok

The Old Horse, out August 3rd

Advance Music Review

Manuok The Old Horse

This is such an amazing album/CD. Knowing of Scott’s background as a permanent member of such huge acts as Blackheart Procession, Via Satellite, Mister Tube, as well as The Album Leaf (amazing bands) I am reminded of George Harrison striking out on his own from the Beatles. Manuok is so amazing in its subtle complexity it deserves such a comparison. But unlike George and the Beatles I think Scott’s other bands are all still around. I can listen to The Old Horse over and over, been doing it all day because it came in just as we are going to press. Scott’s a triple threat: a flawless lyricist, an immaculate voice and an adept instrumentalist. According to his publicity this disc is a bit braver than the last two, that found Scott writing about his deceased grandfather (including audio secretly taped of his grandpa) and their relationship. But, honestly, it’s in no way maudlin or overly sentimental. The songs don’t make you uncomfortable with their personal message or attempt to elicit emotions. They simply are what they are, and beautifully so. They temptingly invite you to look deeper and draw out their greater meaning while not thrusting it on to you with over explanation. And that’s a lovely thing. The CD release party is scheduled for on or around August 6th somewhere in San Diego. Check their website for more info and come for an evening of incredible music. ( ~RR

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