Skate Design

Light Boards

by Peter Schroedl

Photon Light Boards has been making skateboards embedded with colored LEDs powered by rechargable batteries for over 3 years. Having sold more than 10,000 skateboards, they offer shortboards, longboards, and mini’s for sale on their website, as well as offering custom installation in the board of your choice.

In Ocean Beach, San Diego – home to Photon Light Boards and many skateboarders – night-skating can pose many dangers. These include the perpetual and ever-changing potholes, automobiles, and the pesky neighborhood po po. These skateboards with embedded 3v LEDs provide visibility for the rider and to other vehicles. In most cases, police have seemed to appreciate complying with the same rules as a bicycle ( having headlights and tail-lights ) when night-skating in the street. Some have told of being waved down or stopped by an officer, only to be asked where the boards could be purchased.

Photon Light Boards are becoming more visible every day it seems, most recently in a segment on The Captain and Casey Show of FuelTV featuring Chris “Photon” Campbell. They’ve also made appearances on the Ocean Beach drinking/talk show, Matt Cook Live. They have also acquired a new distributor in australia, and are involved in collaborative efforts with FlexDex, CarveBoards, and SeedleSs Clothing. If you find yourself out in Ocean Beach some night, you just might see them testing some next-generation prototypes with switchable light patterns like dimming, chasing, and strobing.

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