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Our National Parks Need You!

We’re Off to the National Mall & Memorials!

National Mall & Memorial Parks Guide to DC Area Parks & Memorials

Books and printed matter review Kent Manthie

If you want to take your family on a history-filled, educational and exciting vacation, try taking a trip to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. and the greater D.C. area, like historic Williamsburg, VA, Arlington National Cemetery, etc. There, you’ll be able to visit all the big, historic, household names of statues and memorials to founding fathers, etc.
This short, colorful guide, National Mall & Memorial Parks introduces one to the wonders awaiting you at these historical areas; places that besides being works of art, reminders of god-like heroes of past “golden ages” in American history also, in some cases, like the US Capitol building, or The White House, are working, living monuments; monuments to the history of the US.

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