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Rush Limbaugh's Unintentional Admirers

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: Australian writer Kent Parkstreet reflects on the popularity of America’s number one right-wing radio personality.


By Kent Parkstreet

Whenever an Australian radio announcer says something inane, insensitive, illegal or just plain stupid media commentators compare him to Rush Limbaugh. From that distance Rush is seen as the gauge for the lowest standards in broadcasting.

So I wake up on my first morning in America, obtain the degree in physics required to operate the hotel room ipod clock radio and for the first time I hear the great man’s morning show. I’m immediately reminded of a nature documentary baboon displaying his bulbous, brightly coloured arse to any who will pay attention. Just like when I see it on television I don’t find it attractive but can’t help but be amazed, enthralled and disturbed by it. I keep listening.

I’m also reminded of a kidnapper cutting up headlines to rearrange the words to make them say whatever he wants as he selectively quotes from an impressive range of sources. He quotes himself regularly. A kidnapper holds the child of one wealthy man. Rush holds freedom of speech captive in his basement and molests it again and again, holding the Republican Party and elected governments to ransom with the threat of harm to their popularity.

In the country that showed us that freedom isn’t just a word there are people who call themselves dittoheads. There is no doubt that in a free country it is a right to give up one’s own right to think to another human. I wonder if it is possible to set up Chinese style re education camps but in reverse, teaching the people to reject indoctrination instead of accepting it.

As the show drawls on I am again reminded of a monkey, but this time the type that gets wound up so it will bang away on it’s little cymbals. I wonder who winds the key in his back? Is it the advertiser’s dollar?

Normal, well adjusted loud mouthed idiots paint their faces in the colours of their team and take themselves to a sports stadium where they can happily shout for three hours. Rush Limbaugh has turned this joyous passtime into one of the highest paid jobs in the world. I grudgingly admire his genius.

2 comments to Rush Limbaugh’s Unintentional Admirers

  • Montana

    For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.

  • Thanks for the comment. I think the dude needs more opposition than one small voice from another hemisphere. He’d be hilarious if not so dangerous.

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